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The Cycles of Life: Thoughts On Endings and New Beginnings

Recently I’ve been thinking about the cycles of life. With my daughter completing kindergarten, I couldn’t help but celebrate this chapter in her life and her growth in this time.

I couldn’t help but think about all the other cycles in our life that happen, seen and unseen: the seasons, the beginning of a new job, a new place, the ending of a relationship, the beginning of new friendships, the start of a new business, a new baby, the passing of a loved one, new resolutions, new inspirations... and how each place has it’s time and it’s seasons. With her school ending, our routine as a family has also changed and reached a new cycle.

Spiritually as well, I’m feeling like I’m being invited to confront the aspects of myself that are the hard parts, asking me to think less of self and more of service. I’m constantly bombarded with clues and people that are guiding me gently to see it through. I feel most events in our life are there to guide us into the next chapter. All the clues right now point to helping other people find their creative power.

As I’m sitting here, at the cusp of this new cycle, I’m reflecting not just on the beginnings, but also on the endings.

What has ended and taken place that I have not realized?

How can I bring my best self into the next cycle?

And what am I still holding on to, for no reason, that has already seen it’s end?

I think sometimes we all tend to try to hold on to everything, which is what contributes to the unnecessary weight of life that prevents us from growth and from moving forward.

In the writings of the Great Tao, they often talk about the great paradoxes of life. That through the greatest adversity, a seed of courage is born. Through times of great joy, may also be great suffering. My favorite Verse, Verse 11, talks about the importance of what is not. Always nodding to yin and yang, inviting both the mystery and the poetry that orchestrate our lives-the beginnings and the endings. And that often both are happening simultaneously.

I invite you to think about what in your life has already seen it’s end that you may be holding onto just to hold onto and find ways to come into the next chapter of your life, as emptied as you can so that you can welcome as many experiences as you can to fill you. To take the time to reflect, to watch the movie of your life that has unfolded thus far, and come into terms with what needs to be set free and enjoy, with utmost gratitude, the lessons that they have sowed.

My love is with you and wishing you a purpose filled journey always. Blessings.
  • Cecilia Gabriel
  • the cycles of lifewellness blog

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