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Our most loved beauties of 2015! Great everyday pieces that you can wear all year round!
Playful Layering Pieces
Best prices on crystal babies!
Inspired By the Invisible Forces That Move and Guide Our Being
A collection of eclectically inspired earrings with a romantic edge for this season. Enjoy xx
Our 40 DAYS IN THE DESERT RING COLLECTION are inspired by mystical and spiritual elements of the desert scenery. The names of the rings symbolize the setting as well as the personas of the psyche that come to surface during trial and transformation. The role of these personas play an integral part of how the story goes, confronted and the seeker sees more clearly. The more the seeker explores the depths of his true self, the closer they attain their divine purpose. And so the journey begins...
The Bohemian Vibe is all about loving what you wear and not being afraid to mix it up! Let your personality shine through with your favorite pieces and we'll help with how to style it!


Layering is a must! It's a fun way to infuse your look with personality and add that unique YOU element that stands out from the rest!


Try mixing metals! Layering silver pieces with copper ones look great and adds an eclectic vibe to your look!

Here we've layered some dainty layerables with strong crystals and mixed metal pieces. I've always loved adding a rustic touch with copper pieces giving the look a more down to earth vibe.

Night out? Up the glam with strong statement rings!


Mixing different textures makes it interesting.

                         (Featured above: Native Copper Bangle and Lizard Tracks Leather Bracelet)



                                           (Featured above: Earthkeeper Leather Necklace)


Like creative sweetheart and style blogger Luana Gabriella from blog foreverboho.com



We love the combo of hair pulled back paired with statement earrings! Feminine and strong.

Accent your strength with our Lotus Leaf Earrings and Amethyst Collar Necklace featured below! 


Our bold designs are a great fit to make you feel empowered and unique on any occasion!


Jewelry is a very personal thing. However you decide to mix it up make it fun and make it you!

 Our latest collection 40 DAYS IN THE DESERT is a bold and beautiful work filled with divine stones and poetic designs that tell a story of a spiritual journey of transformation and becoming.

This collection is inspired by Earthy rooting textures richly laced in ancient designs and features exotic stones from all over the world. These elements are all incorporated in each piece to take you on a nostalgic journey of the spirit on a path of struggle, surrender, sacrifice, realization, and courage. There is something about the desert that evokes a spiritual transformation, barren landscapes that force the physical to enter a metaphysical spiritual realm to overcome the obstacles of the flesh. As we honor the spirit within, we begin to bring light to the inner landscapes of peace and personal purpose. This collection was created for you to remind you of your sacred walk where everything and anything is possible.


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A Translated Expression Of Nature's Intricate Art
THE AMBROSIA CAPSULE COLLECTION is our lovechild of past and present. We’ve decided to take the essence of what you've loved most about our past designs and reworked it with a fresh modern day eye. It’s ruggedly beautiful, effortlessly stylish, and each piece is designed to be incredibly unique. It's the kind of refined and eclectically designed statement piece you’ve longed for. Enjoy <3
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